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  • My 2017 Resolutions

    I’m only 5 days late in posting about my resolutions, but I also never said I was a “real” blogger. I know there’s tons of posts out there about how why New Years resolutions aren’t good, and you should vow to change all year…blah blah blah. I like them, I rarely stick to them, but […]

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  • Life Updates

    The best part of life are those moments where you spend weeks doing nothing. The worst parts of life are when you realize you have legitimately done nothing during those times and you need to get your sh*t together. I’m definitely trending towards the whole ‘get your sh*t together’ side. – I’m now co-chair for our […]

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  • Money Monday {2}

    Ahh, weekends. It all goes great during the week – packing my lunch, not going shopping at night, etc. – then the weekend hits and I’m conflicted between staying in and binge watching Reign on Netflix (so good, by the way) or going out and being social… aka spending money. I didn’t do well with […]

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  • The Resolutions Post {2015}

    Yes, here it is. Another year, another resolution post. I’ve been blogging publicly for at least 4 years now (I had a LJ for years before starting carelessly graceful/this one) and I’m pretty sure I do these every year. I can’t remember what last year’s was, considering I had a blog fiasco mid-year and lost months of posts. […]

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  • Wants vs. Needs

    I struggle with money constantly. I know I need to save and while I do put some money aside, I definitely spend more than I should. I’m an impulse shopper and sadly I get that from my mother. Lately some things have come up and I have some new financial goals that I really want […]