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  • When Nothing Goes Right

    I want to start out this post by saying I know these are all #FirstWorldProblems. I’m entirely grateful that these are the problems I have to deal with and not having to worry about when/where I’m getting my next meal or if I’ll be assaulted because I’m a woman. But let’s be honest… We all […]

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  • The Problem With Being Busy

    The Problem with Being Busy // kimberrleigh.com

    I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before on here, but I’m currently enrolled in a Business Essentials course through work which, in the end, will be a really good thing to tack onto my resume. It’s a 6 month program, comprised of three 6-week modules – Financial, Communications and International Business. We just finished up […]

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  • Watch // Listen // Read {8}

    I’m back! And hopefully for a while, I do have tons of posts in mind for you all… and I have a new blog design! Is it just me who gets design-ADD? It’s so hard to be content with ONE design, especially when you follow amazing blogs like Beauty Crush and Lily Pebbles. 🙂