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  • Finding My Zen

    I think the last time I updated you, I was sharing that I visited my doctor and got a prescription for anti-anxiety medication. I’ve been doing really well with taking that but I’ve also been incorporating natural elements in my healing. 

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  • Getting Back Into It

    I’m officially ready to come back into the blogging world. Maybe it’s because I’m in a good, festive mood or because my medication is helping #ScumbagBrain. But either way, I’ve been itching to write posts and read all of the blogs I’ve missed over the past few months. If you’re confused as to who this […]

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  • Life is real, life is raw

    Hi. So I’m back but I’m going to take it slow. I figured I’d explain, hopefully briefly, what’s been going on the past few months. I’ve mentioned before that I struggle with anxiety. Over the past 6-9 months however, it had gotten severely worse than the past few years. At the end of September, I […]

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  • distant.

    I haven’t been around much at all. Lurking on posts here and there. But generally away from blogging. It’s not the blog’s fault – it’s me. Just wanted to come by and say I haven’t been doing very well, but I’m getting better (hopefully). I just hope you’re all around when I’m ready to be […]

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  • Sephora Haul

    Fun fact: My financial Achilles’ heel are beauty products. I’m a Sephora VIB (only $77 away from VIB Rouge.. it will happen soon!) and I just bought a 5 drawer rolling cart for my makeup storage which is almost completely full. I don’t believe it makes me go from a 2 to a 10, because […]