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  • Adventure at Discovery Park

    Saturday I made a road trip up to Union City, TN to Discovery Park, which is a new science center/museum thing. I’m an overgrown child and massive nerd, so I love going to those kinds of places. I’m even spending a week in DC this fall and chances are I’ll just be at the museums […]

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  • {Travel} | San Francisco, Day 1

    Are you sick of hearing about my trip to California yet? Well too bad. Because this is going to be a massive photo dump – corresponding vlog coming soon! Most of these pictures go along with the vlog, so I won’t give you too much detail (you’ll have to watch it when it goes live […]

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  • Vacation Hangover.

    Don’t worry everyone, I’m still alive! I got home around 11 Sunday night and spent all day yesterday doing the not so fun post vacation things, like laundry and unpacking and grocery shopping. I absolutely LOVED California. Well, San Francisco specifically. I only really got to spend one afternoon in LA (Santa Monica actually) and […]