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  • Updates & Thoughts

    First, thank you all so much for being the best people ever and for your kind words on my last post. I know it’s probably not healthy to post that kind of thought vomit on the Internet for everyone to read forever, but for now the Internet is my Therapist. I promise to not be […]

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  • Weigh-In Wednesday {6}

    I think I mentioned it in last week’s post, but my scale actually broke a few weeks ago and not because of me. One of the legs ended up breaking off which made it not register any weight at all. So this weekend I decided to invest and I bought a $40 Weight Watchers scale […]

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  • Weigh-In Wednesday {5}

    …except this is going up on a Thursday. I just like to have continuity in my blog titles, okay?? This week I want to talk about stress and how it’s a real b*tch. I know 98% of the time my stress is self-imposed and even if I tell myself to calm down, it’s not that […]

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  • WiOW – Lazy blogger, not a lazy person

    Alright, that title is kind of a lie. I can be pretty lazy in everyday life. Like the state of my apartment. Definitely laundry day for this girl. And scrubbing. And Febreezing. But I finally started back exercising regularly on Monday.(And coincidentally, writing blog posts today. Whoops.) We’re going on vacation in August to Florida, […]

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  • Work it Out Wednesday – BeFiT

    I don’t think anyone realizes how badly I wish I lived on the first floor. I would probably be so much more fit if I did, because I could do home workouts with 100% intensity. But I can’t do any jumping/jogging in place/pounding exercises, without the guy below me calling the leasing office. So when […]