Hi there!


My name is Kim, or kimberrleigh as I’m known on the Interwebz. I’m a 25 year old lifestyle blogger, professional nerd, cat lady, gamer, and world traveler. This blog is a way for me to share my life experiences, product reviews, thoughts and basically anything else with friends, family and complete Internet strangers!

I was grew up during the infancy of the Internet and have always been on a computer or gadget since the age of 4. I work in the IT industry which helps to pay for my tech gadget and video game addiction. ­čÖé When I’m not glued to my computers, phone, Xbox or tablets I’m usually tormenting snuggling┬ámy┬áthree cats, Kit-Kat, Zoe and Hunter, traveling or reading.

In 2012, I moved from Pittsburgh to Memphis for my big girl job and have been documenting my experiences of being an “adult” ever since.

Please read my Disclaimer. For business inquiries, email kimberrleighlynn@gmail.com.