My 2017 Resolutions

I’m only 5 days late in posting about my resolutions, but I also never said I was a “real” blogger. I know there’s tons of posts out there about how why New Years resolutions aren’t good, and you should vow to change all year…blah blah blah. I like them, I rarely stick to them, but I try. And that’s all that matters, right?

-Drink water or (unsweet) tea only-
I usually stick to this fairly well, but I have moments where sweet tea sounds REALLY good and I cave. Also, for soda I transitioned into only having it on Saturdays & Sundays, but man do I splurge then. So I’m only going to drink water, hot tea or iced unsweet tea.

-No. More. Fast. Food.-
I mean, this is pretty self-expanatory. There’s a McDonalds like 3 blocks away from me and I caught myself last year just casually going through the drive-thru when I was bored. No longer!

-Learn to cook more, and learn to cook healthy meals-
I think the older I’ve gotten, I’ve somehow forgot how to actually cook. I can bake like no one’s business… but cook? I guess it’s not the act of cooking I forget/don’t know how to do, but how to make recipes. Even when I was in college I would always come up with new dishes, even if they were just mostly chicken. And that was pre-Pinterest! I think my problem now is that I’m rarely in the mood to eat anything specific, so it’s really hard to meal plan and it’s even harder when it’s just for one. If I had a roommate or a boyfriend, at least they could request we eat a certain meal or force me to cook something. But alas, the animals can’t request human meals.

-Lose 5-7lbs each month-
Yep. The whole weight loss goal. I can’t wait for the year when this isn’t one of my resolutions, but it’s always been once since probably I was at least 17. I lost a ton of weight during/after my stroke, just because I didn’t eat at all or very little in the hospital (such shitty food). But since I’ve recovered, my body has just puffed up. I’m now at my highest weight ever, and I’m 1,000% determined to drop a bunch of it this year. So breaking it down to 5-7lbs a month is way more achievable than saying ‘I want to lose 3,000lbs this year!!’. Of course I have a main goal of being around 35lb down by RTX in the beginning of July. Maybe when I get my tax refund, some of that money will go towards a trainer or a group class for the year.

-Practice gratitude daily-
Last year I started to dive deeper in my spirituality/faith and the common denominator with all of that is being grateful. Of course after the stroke, my gratitude levels were off the charts, but actively saying or writing down what I’m grateful for I never really did. So I bought a horizontal Happy Planner and I’m using that as my daily gratitude journal. I wanted to attempt a bullet journal for it… but my handwriting sucks and I’m not that creative. Also if I just used a plain lined journal I probably wouldn’t stick to it. I have my HP on my desk in my office, and since I sit at my desk every day and play video games and hang around the Internet, I write in it every night as I sign off from technology. Some days it’s just ‘I’m grateful for my house!’ other days it goes deeper and I write a paragraph about a person. Regardless, it makes me much more centered and happy.

-Actually save some money for once-
Just like losing weight.. I really struggle with this one. Now that I have a house, I need to buckle down and really have an emergency fund. I’m so looking forward to tax refund time, because that will help out immensely (I get to deduct half a year’s worth of interest this year – WOOO!!) with paying down bills and saving some cash. I definitely need to just stick to a budget though. I used Mint a while ago and I’m going to go back to it to track my budget. But if anyone who has spare cash to blow is reading this, I could use just a few thousand bucks to help a sista out.

-Keep traveling-
I traveled a BUNCH in 2016, despite buying a house and my stroke. I went back to Pittsburgh 3 times, San Francisco, Austin, New York City, Dallas and Waco. The only main plan and trip for this year is RTX in Austin, TX in July. I only got to spend like 3 days there last year, but this year I’m for sure staying a week, maybe a week and a half. I’d love to make it to New Orleans(never been), Nashville (I’ve been before) and maybe Seattle or Portland? Who knows. Regardless, this year I want to keep traveling a bunch. 🙂

-Reboot the blog-
I realize probably no one reads this anymore, since I took such a huge break. But I enjoy writing and chatting with my readers, so this year I want to come back to this space. I don’t have a specific target or genre for my posts, mostly just lifestyle things. But that gives me the ability to write about whatever comes to mind. So if you made it this far down, thank you for being a loyal reader! Share my blog with friends, and if you have your own.. maybe we can collaborate this year? Who knows.

Do you make resolutions? Why or why not?
If you do, do you keep them??