Finding My Zen


I think the last time I updated you, I was sharing that I visited my doctor and got a prescription for anti-anxiety medication. I’ve been doing really well with taking that but I’ve also been incorporating natural elements in my healing. 

I’ve shared this on Twitter before, but I really love using the app Calm. They provided tons of guided meditations and a self-paced option, and the background white-noise sounds are perfect. I love the Rain on Leaves scene and I’m currently going through the 7 Days of Self-Esteem program in addition to my daily morning & evening meditations.

I also started to get into the world of crystals. I know, I know, it’s so hippie dippie but even if it’s just a placebo effect, I don’t mind. If you’re curious, I love the book “The Soul Searcher’s Handbook” – it talks about crystals, past lives, numerology, and a bunch of other stuff. I bought a chakra set, a citrine stone, a clear quartz stone, and a set for calming anxiety. I’ll carry a crystal with me in my pocket during the day if I need to incorporate it’s healing properties, and hold or place the stones on me during my meditations.

Again, call it fru-fru or weird, but I enjoy it. And they’re really pretty.
Also, yes I do have a meditating-buddha cat. Thanks Mom! 🙂