Slumpy slump

I haven’t really shared with you all the craziness that was exactly a week ago (time goes by way too fast), but basically Southwest cancelled my flight back home and I had to panic and last minute book two separate one way flights on Delta – there & back of course.

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I made it home just fine, and I loved being able to spend the weekend at home with my family. It was Orthodox Easter so we had tons and tons of food and I got to just relax with everyone. A much needed visit, since I haven’t been home since Christmas. Granted I’ll see my parents & sister when we head to Punta Cana in June (!!!), but I still like coming home every few months.

I made it back into Memphis late Monday night and everything was fine. Tuesday rolls around and I’m a little tired from traveling so much, but I power through my day. Until I’m in a meeting with my Manager and he stops me mid conversation and goes “Are you okay? You seem kind of off.” I respond with “I’m fine, maybe a little tired but I’m okay.” It’s not until later that night that I realize I was, in fact, in a funk. Tuesday marked 3 years since my Grandmother passed away unexpectedly.

Wednesday was all fine and dandy too, just a normal day at work. Yesterday at work was exciting because we got fancy new Cisco VoIP phones – working in IT you’d think we’d already have them, but I digress. I also picked up my new baby, Pearl, the brand new Silver 12″ MacBook. Happy early birthday to me. 🙂

And then it happened. The monthly (sometimes more) migraine hits me like a ton of bricks. I tried sitting at work for a little while to fend it off, but by 2:30 I had to go home and fall asleep. I was able to sleep for a few hours but man, did that take everything out of me.

This week has just been a total slumpfest. I had to cancel my boot camp class last night because of my migraine and I know since I’ve been lazy for over a week now, tomorrow morning’s class is just going to be so bad. Let’s hope I don’t get my butt kicked too badly…

Enough of me complaining, what’s been going on in your world? Anything new and exciting and fun?

  • Aww, I hope that you’re feeling better! I’ve never had a migraine but I know from my sister how paralyzing they can be.

    • Sadly I don’t get them enough for the doctors to want to give anything to me. I get at most 2/month and I need to have at least 3 a month for 3 months before they’ll give me migraine medicine. They said it’s just because of my hormones and I’ll have to take OTC stuff and deal. 🙁

      LAME! Haha