Updates & Thoughts

First, thank you all so much for being the best people ever and for your kind words on my last post. I know it’s probably not healthy to post that kind of thought vomit on the Internet for everyone to read forever, but for now the Internet is my Therapist. I promise to not be annoying again with that for a while. Or at least a week (just kidding).

Second, I wanted to give some updates on where my “regular schedule” has gone. My attempt at having streamlined, consistent content was great while it lasted but I’m a Gemini so I can’t stay focused on any one thing for a while. I still like sharing some of that personal stuff with you guys, but I don’t think it’ll be every Monday or every Wednesday.

BUT I am going to keep posting about my health/fitness journey, just not on this blog. I’m going to move any/all blog posts over to my MyFitnessPal blog, because it will be less annoying for those who don’t want to see that stuff (which, I don’t know why you’d be annoyed but whatever..) and I really enjoy using MFP. SO go add me over there and you can yell at me when I slack off and eat 16 Reese’s Eggs. In one sitting. O_o
I’m also going to do some vlogs here and there, whenever I feel like voicing my struggles (& successes!) so follow my YouTube channel too.


On a similar vein as health and fitness… can I just talk about how I went into Anthropologie and found an amazing sweater that actually FITS!? I’m not the thinnest girl (read: I’ve got big boobs, a tummy and serious thighs) and so usually when I go into stores like Anthro I can’t find anything that flatters at all. It’s a Large and big in some areas. It could quite possibly be that the sweater I bought was just cut different than their other stuff, but I fit into it. So let’s just think in our minds that my “workouts” are actually helping. 🙂
Also, I bought some clearance coasters (see above) and I know why they’re clearance. They’re slightly bent so they rock back and forth. Oops. But they look great.