Weigh-In Wednesday {5}

…except this is going up on a Thursday. I just like to have continuity in my blog titles, okay??

This week I want to talk about stress and how it’s a real b*tch. I know 98% of the time my stress is self-imposed and even if I tell myself to calm down, it’s not that bad – I still freak out. I’m sure everyone does. This week I had a particularly stressful day at work – part of it was that I put off editing a presentation until the last minute and the other part was dealing with a really frustrating coworker in a work session.

I know the stress hasn’t done anything positive for my body, because I physically feel exhausted. Tuesday night I didn’t get to bed until 2AM. I haven’t really ate too terrible because of the stress, but I know I haven’t had the best diet.

The only positive is that I have been walking every single day at work with coworkers, 1-2 miles every afternoon around the lake on our work campus. I also started the Blogilates 30-day Butt Lift challenge, because if I had to pick anywhere on my body to fix? It would be my butt. I have the flattest, most boring butt on the planet. It’s really unfortunate.

I also found out that my family is seriously considering a family vacation to the Caribbean this year. We haven’t booked anything or have firm dates, but it’s more than advanced notice to get myself in shape. I want to wear a bikiniĀ and actually feel decent about it. I know, I know – love your body for how it is now… blah blah blah. But really, I want to look good. There’s no shame in that.

Oh, and the cherry on top of this week? Is that my scale broke. No, not because I’m a whale (I know that’s what you were thinking..). It has 4 little “feet” on it which help to balance it and register weight appropriately and one of them completely cracked off, no idea how. I think it may have fallen in the cabinet and broke? Who knows.

So no updated weight this week, which is good and bad. I need to rework my diet and seriously get back into running. I think a re-read of Foodist is in order. If you’re looking for a really good nutrition book to read, go buy Foodist. Seriously people. šŸ™‚