High Five for Friday!

I really feel like this week has gone by like a car on the Autobahn, am I alone in this? It’s probably partially because Monday was literally an all day travel day, thanks to my 2 hour delay in Chicago. I don’t think I’ve ever flown through Chicago and had a pleasant experience, at least on my return trips when all I want to do is get home. Step up your game Chicago, seriously.

Anyways. Here are just a few things that are awesome this week!


– I was accepted as an Elite Ambassador for TCR and I’m so excited! Basically, if you live in the Mid-South (Memphis/North Mississippi/Eastern Arkansas areas) you need to sign up for the race! It’s not actually a race, because it’s un-timed. It’s basically just one big party and you’d be crazy if you didn’t do it. You don’t have to be physically fit or anything – most people just jog, laugh, dance and just have fun with their friends!
If you sign up, use the promo code COLORMEM1 so you can save $10 off the registration fee! You can save even more money if you sign up as a team, just make sure all of your team members use the promo code COLORMEM1 too so they can save!

– Have you ever felt that incredible feeling of grocery shopping after you’ve had an empty fridge/pantry for several weeks? It’s pretty amazing. But sadly it’s quickly squashed when you get root canal surgery the next day and can only eat cold liquidy foods. What a bummer.

– Also an amazing feeling? Coming home to your fur babies after several days apart from them. The cuddles and the love are amazing and help to ease the (tooth) pain.

– I picked up “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” while I was home to read on the way back to Memphis and although I was dying in pain from my tooth, I was able read a few pages in it. And honestly? I don’t really enjoy it so far. Granted, I’m only like 25-30 pages in, but it’s just a strange book. It’s half written in the form of emails and the perspective of the daughter (so far), which makes it a bit hard to understand/follow. I will read it all the way through to give it a chance, but I’m skeptical if it lives up to the hype.

-Doctor Who is back tomorrow night!!!! I’m so excited. Like, pee my pants excited. I can’t wait to see Capaldi as the Doctor, I have high hopes that he’ll be badass.

That’s it. 🙂 I hope you have an amazing weekend! Any fun plans??

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