Work it Out Wednesday – BeFiT

I don’t think anyone realizes how badly I wish I lived on the first floor.
I would probably be so much more fit if I did, because I could do home workouts with 100% intensity.
But I can’t do any jumping/jogging in place/pounding exercises, without the guy below me calling the leasing office.
So when I found this workout, I really liked it because I knew I could physically do it but I was really bummed out too. Half of it is jumps and jogging.
I did the kettlebell/dumbell stuff and modified burpees (where I don’t jump as hard) and a few others, but I hate that I can’t do it all.
And I don’t have it memorized to where I can do it at the gym.
My gym also doesn’t have much room for basic cardio either, it’s all machines (weight & cardio) and free weights.
Also, I’m really bummed out at how much of a lack of open fitness classes Memphis & surrounding towns have.
If there are any, like kickboxing, you have to belong to a gym like Lifetime or Omnifitness, who both charge around $60-$120+ a month. That’s insane!!!
I pay $17 for my gym. And maybe that’s why I’m not as motivated to go, because I don’t have classes/I’m not paying out the butt for them.
But I really can’t justify paying so much for a gym. I just can’t.
Not when I have student loans that make me want to cry.
Someone suggested to me I check out the YMCA, but even they’re around $50 a month.
I don’t know, do you $50+ a month is worth it?
How much do you pay for your gym membership?
Any advice for me finding more alternatives than just running and the bike?*
* – I can’t wait for Jessica to have Glisten up and running!
Just have some workouts I can do on the third floor for me girl! 🙂
  • I don’t have a gym membership (heck, $17 is so cheap!) but I completely understand about not being able to do exercise at home with lots of jumping, etc. We live in an older house and pretty much the whole house shakes if I start jumping around lol. I guess we could start doing yoga or something? I don’t know.

    I can’t afford a gym membership right now either, although I think having actual classes to attend would be good motivation for me to exercise.

  • Hey! I never comment on your blog but there’s a first for everything, right?? 🙂 (P.S. This is a really nice blog ya got here! haha)
    Anyway, Matt and I pay $30 a month each to go to our gym. That includes fitness classes. However, we have a military discount. Normally it is like $40-50 a month I believe…

  • Hi! I never comment on your blog but there is a first time for everything! 🙂
    Matt and I pay $30 a month each to go to our gym, which includes fitness classes. That’s with a military discount though. Normally I think it’s $40-50.