WiOW – Lazy blogger, not a lazy person

Alright, that title is kind of a lie. I can be pretty lazy in everyday life.
Like the state of my apartment. Definitely laundry day for this girl.
And scrubbing. And Febreezing.
But I finally started back exercising regularly on Monday.
(And coincidentally, writing blog posts today. Whoops.)
We’re going on vacation in August to Florida, which means wearing swimsuits constantly.
I’m so not ready. Pretty sure I can be mistaken for a beached whale.
Even if I just lose 10-15 pounds before then, I’d feel so much better about myself.
Because my birthday is tomorrow (23 is such a boring birthday), I decided to treat myself to new running shoes.
The Nike pair I had been using I’m fairly certain was not a true running shoe.
I ended up getting the Brooks Ravena.
It’s a solid shoe, aimed at stability. It’s fairly lightweight too, which is nice.
It ran me up a bit, but $109 for running shoes isn’t terrible.
I really recommend them if you’re a chunky monkey like me and have crappy ankles, also like me.
And the neon green is REALLY neon green, which I love because it’s obnoxious (again, also like me).
I got up both Monday and this morning to go on my run up and down the street outside of my apartment complex (because the only traffic is people coming in and out – there’s some businesses but no one is coming down the road at 6AM).
I plan on running again on Friday morning and starting back at the gym doing strength training things next week, on days between my runs.
I’m currently reading The Glycemic-Load Diet and it’s really interesting.
It’s pretty obvious that sugar and processed sugars make you fat, but basically any refined carbohydrates are terrible for someone like me, who has insulin resistance.
It’s become really hard to avoid breads and other sweets, but I know my body physically can’t take them.
Except for yesterday when I went and had froyo for lunch… and then dessert.
And I’m going again tonight for more froyo.
In my defense, we’re having a fundraiser at our local Menchies!
If you’re in Memphis, go there (Germantown Pkwy) anytime today and say you’re there on behalf of ZTA (Zeta Tau Alpha) and they will donate 20% of your order to our Alumnae Chapter!
What a better way to beat the heat than cool froyo!?
Also in my defense, it’s my birthday week so I can be as fat as I want to.
And I’m running, so that helps right? Right.
OH! And froyo is like super good for you, duh. So HA!

Sooo.. yay for exercise? 🙂

  • Yay for exercising! I get in like a 20 minute walk (LOL) like 3 days a week! Whoo! Hahaha.. I did get out the Wii Fit this morning and do a little exercise though, I’m hoping to make that more of a regular thing. Baby steps.

    Really like those shoes! They look like something I might wear 😉 Love purple.

    Hope you have a Happy Birthday! You’re turning 23, eat as much friggin’ froyo as you want!