Just… No.

So I half-woke up at some ungodly hour this morning only to glance at my phone to see I had a new friend request & corresponding message on Facebook. Who was it from? Oh, just my ex-boyfriend from 4 years ago. Because it was so early and I was only semi-conscious, I decided to not even look at it until I was fully awake.

The message was innocent enough “Hey haven’t heard from you in a while, what’s going on?” or something to that effect. But I immediately knew I was not responding to that and declining his friend request. I really don’t understand people. If you have a miserable breakup with a person, go on to have a child with some other woman (and break up, I’m assuming since his status said ‘Single’) what makes you think that original person wants to be with you or to talk to you? I’m sorry, just no. I’m not one to complain or “blast” someone on the internet, but seriously. What makes you even think I want to see your face at all?

Also, can we talk about how maternity pictures are a just no? Because they are. I mean, I kind of get how it’s beautiful and sweet because there’s a squishy mess of limbs and crap inside your enormous stomach… but having 1,238,190,581 of them and posting them ALL to Facebook? Just no. Just explain to me why in the world would you want pictures of you at your largest? You aren’t going to look back on them and think “oh I looked like such a goddess!” – you’re going to think “God that day I had the worst gas and my ankles are the size of beach balls. And I was craving buffalo chicken ice cream.” If you want to get them done, I obviously can’t stop you. But post ONE. Maybe a second with the baby daddy. But that’s it. No more. No one cares except for you.

This also applies to engagement pictures. We get it. He took out a loan to buy a circle of metal & stone (that you probably won’t have forever since chances are you’ll be divorced at some point). I don’t need to see you making out under a tree and then by a stream and then some macro focus shot of heart hands or the rings on your dog’s nose. Quit it.

Happy Monday everyone. :)

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I Drank the Crossfit Koolaid

Guys,  this is a major problem. Okay not really major but it’s for sure a problem. See, about a month ago when I got back from California I realized (again) how chunky I am. I’ll be attending a wedding in October and I’d really prefer to not be not as chunky. So in my infinite wisdom I decided to checkout Groupon/LivingSocial for fitness class deals. I’m not one for the “Super Power Girl Fitness Boot Camp” ones because just thinking of them makes me gag. I like to get my ass handed to me in my workouts, not lifting 5-10lb weights 8,000 times in a row.

photo (26)

I ended up buying the 12 session (1 month) Crossfit Fundamentals from my local affiliate gym (or Box, as gyms are referred to in the Crossfit world). I was scared. I’ve watched the Crossfit games on TV and I know that it gets a bad wrap for being dangerous. I was afraid that not only would I get my ass handed to me, but every fiber of my body would just quit on me. I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from anxiety and that sometimes I won’t go to something I paid for because I’m worried about every little thing. It’s a problem.

After basically crying to my Mom before my first class, I decided to suck it up and go. Which was the best decision of my life. It’s true, there is a Crossfit Koolaid and it’s definitely running through my veins. That first workout was pretty hard and it just got harder after that. I think in the 9 sessions so far (one week left!), 2 days have brought me almost to the edge of throwing up and/or passing out. But I made it through them and I’m still alive, unhurt and healthier.

My crazy fun Fundamentals group. :)

My trainer has told me multiple times mid-squat, mid-deadlift and just on breaks how impressed she is with me. She’s said that I have so much strength and power that I don’t realize yet and that I really should stick with it. I know she’s partially trying to sell it to me, but I also think she’s being serious too.

The problem with all of this?? Crossfit is expensive. As in, for 1 year of unlimited training it’s $167 A MONTH. Technically I can afford it, I just couldn’t buy myself anything besides food bought only with coupons and gas. I want to go into it “full-time” so badly. My family has been thinking this is a joke, since my entire childhood I never stuck with one sport for any amount of time (aside from Discus, which I was really good at…). I still enjoy running, but sometimes it’s hard to get motivated by yourself.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll set up a Kickstarter where people can help fund my Crossfit. If a campaign for Potato Salad can get fully funded, why not ME!?!

What are you thoughts on Crossfit? Does it terrify you? Would you ever give it a try? :)

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Lava Mae – Free Showers for the Homeless

I don’t consider myself a social crusader. There are people out there who back certain causes 1,000% and pour their whole life into them. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in certain causes – Stopping Animal Abuse, Cancer Research and more – I’m just not one to shove those in everyone’s faces. But last night I saw an article about this and I can’t help but to share it.

Every major city in the US has a homeless population. I’m pretty sure that’s a fact. I’ll admit, when I walk down the street I ignore them. And it absolutely breaks my heart that as a culture, that’s what we’re taught. Everytime I drive past someone sleeping at a bus stop or begging for money on the corner my heart literally aches, I start to tear up and pray to God to watch over them. I couldn’t even imagine what I would do or how I would handle it if one day I found myself in that situation.

Sadly, when I was in San Francisco I saw more homeless individuals in one city than I ever have in my life. It was heartbreaking. I know every city has public services for these people, but most of the time it just isn’t enough.

Insert Lava Mae. Free showers and bathroom on wheels. Recycling used MUNI busses. Helping the people that truly need help.

I think this is one of the most innovative projects I’ve seen in a very long time. This completely restores my faith in humanity. :)

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Adventure at Discovery Park

Saturday I made a road trip up to Union City, TN to Discovery Park, which is a new science center/museum thing. I’m an overgrown child and massive nerd, so I love going to those kinds of places. I’m even spending a week in DC this fall and chances are I’ll just be at the museums most days. Anyways. I went with my sorority’s alumnae chapter and their children, which was so fun.

Discovery Park basically cherry picked the key/good parts of the major museums, got reproductions of things (like the Printing Press) and donations from locals (arrowheads, military memorabilia, etc) and put it in one big place. If you ever find yourself in TN/KY and want a fun day trip, I highly recommend it.




I have a dinosaur named after me, no big deal. :) I took some more pictures but I somehow lost my camera in my apartment between Saturday and today. Not cool.

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{Travel} California Vlogs | Day 1: Travel

It’s here, it’s here! The long awaited, well promised California vlog! I realized I filmed a lot, at least a lot in San Francisco so I figured I’d split these into each day, rather than make one insanely long (and hard to edit) vlog that you probably wouldn’t watch.

Make sure you like the video and subscribe to my channel! I’ll be putting the rest of the California Vlogs up within the next two weeks or so and I have some more fun videos planned!

Just as a fun thing, what’s your favorite Starbucks drink that you could totally drink a Trenta of? Let me know in the comments here or on my video!!

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